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Actionable Biodiversity Insights

With Data Driven Artificial Intelligence

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Data Driven

Bodiversity Insights

We believe high-quality biodiversity measurement is a key step in enabling action to reverse biodiversity decline.

That’s why we developed Wilder Sensing: a scalable, Artificial Intelligence Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to support investment in biodiversity through the provision of high-quality data and analytics.

Wilder Sensing analyses audio and other data sources to produce actionable insights into the status and trends of biodiversity on your site or investment.


Why Wilder Sensing

Simple to Use

Simply hook up your audio devices to the network and let our AI work its magic!

Friendly and Intuitive

Actionable Insights are at your fingertips in real-time with our costumizable mobile Dashboard.

Fit Every Need

Deploy audio devices anywhere: from the small urban garden, to large country estates

Cost Effective

Our attractive pricing packages can fit the requirements of any customer.

Our Team


Geoffrey Carss

CEO and Founder

Geoff Carss is the founder and CEO of Wilder Sensing and Ethos Wilder. Growing up in Botswana and Northumberland he really enjoyed getting close to nature.

After obtaining multiple degrees in Geology, Geoff started a successful career as a Technologist, Entrepreneur and Environmental Advocate. He also served on the Board of Directors in a number of technology startups, and as trustee for the Bristol Avon Rivers Trust.

After observing the continued decline of biodiversity in the UK and around the world, Geoff started the Wilder Sensing project in order to bring the latest technologies to the environmental debate. His vision is to enable a more evidence based approach to addressing our environmental challenges.


Lorenzo Trojan

CTO and Co-Founder

With a PhD in Astrophysics and a decade long experience in technical leadership roles within high growth tech start-ups, Lorenzo has built over the years a broad experience in a diverse range of technologies including Remote Sensing, Cloud Computing, DevOps and AI.

Dr. Trojan supports inclusiveness, openness, and personal growth within the work environment. He believes that technical excellence and the best products can only be built by highly performing and agile teams where each individual is given the best chance of contributing to the company goals.

Lorenzo joined Wilder Sensing in order to lead the technology team and help deliver a scalable, secure and user friendly platform that can transform our understanding of the natural world.

Partners and Collaborations



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